Little Big Politics
Ongoing irregular strip for GoComics. The Utopian City That Wasn't
The true story of an American architectural power couple who designed the Australian national capital - for re:form on Women By The Numbers
Some statistics on the status of female human beings
- for The Nib.
We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Where conservation and hunting meet
in the woods of New England
- comic for The Nib. The Night Teen Spirit
Turned Psycho
Nirvana’s first world tour
- comic for Cuepoint on A More Appropriate Australian Flag
Apathy is our national emotion...
- for The Nib.
Live Drawing the 2014
Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
- for The Nib. How the Nutcracker
Lost its Purpose
The story of a less than functional
holiday character - set of five seasonal comics for re:form. The Best Beer in the World
A story about beer, relationships and a flood - for Symbolia.
Also appeared in a 2015 exhibition
of graphic journalism
at the Press Museum in Amsterdam.
1914 was a BFD
Some important stuff happened
other than the war
- for The Nib.
Derby Dudes
Vermont's Mean Mountain Boys - for Seven Days. Couchsurfing
Hungarian Granny Style
Auto-biographical travel story
- for