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I’m currently located in Portland, Oregon.

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Pursued by Soldiers

kuš! anthology #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER, January 2020

I was commissioned to draw this tiny six page comic for the awesome Australian themed kuš! anthology #37 DOWN DOWN UNDER co-edited by Michael Fikaris.

It was such a privilege to be featured in this gorgeous Latvian publication alongside so many amazing Aussie comics artists including: Ashley Ronning, Bailey Sharp, Ben Constantine, Ben Hutchings, Ben Juers, David Blumenstein, Emma Jensen, Evie Cahir, Haein Kim, HTMLflowers, Kangaroo Lü. Q., Lee Lai, Leigh Rigozzi, Marc Pearson, Michael Fikaris, Michael Hawkins, Nicky Minus, Rachel Ang, Safdar Ahmed, Sam Wallman, Simon Hanselmann, Tim Danko and Tommi Parrish.